Owner Operator’s Compensation

  • $.95 per mile loaded or empty miles, without Hazmat.
  • $.96 per mile loaded or empty miles, with Hazmat.
  • $50 per stop
  • Base plate paid
  • We pay all authorized Tolls, Scales, and Permits
  • Fuel Allowance for orientation travel
  • 100% of Billed & Collected Fuel Surcharge paid to the contractor
    (All loaded miles based on national average)
  • Fuel rebates paid from major fueling stations
  • 24/7 Road Service Assistance
  • Maintenance account, accessible 24/7
  • Extended Factory Warranty available on leased tractors.
  • Highly competitive shop rates billed on work hours
  • Parts at 10% over cost
  • TripPak and in-cab scanners free of charge