In Truck Satellite E-Policy Guidelines

Satellite equipment should be used for business-related functions only; however, with the following exceptions:

  • To send and receive necessary and occasional personal communications;
  • To access the Internet for brief personal searches and inquiries during meal times or other breaks; or
  • Outside of work hours, provided that user adheres to all other usage policies established by Koch or by law.

The following use or sites accessed will be considered in violation of Policy and subject to disciplinary action:

Illegal Use, Harassing Use, Discriminatory Use, Defamatory Use, Sexual Harassment Use, Solicitation Use, Pornography Sites, or Gambling Sites

Koch Trucking does not pay for nor reimburse for charges related to the access of the internet through the in truck satellite equipment.

Please reference the complete In Truck Satellite E-Policy. Use of the satellite equipment to access the internet acknowledges and confirms that you have read, understood and will abide by the In Truck Satellite E-Policy

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