Updates from Todd Wright

November 28, 2017 at 12:00 pm

I was going to start off saying what a nice summer we had, but then I thought about all the family and friends affected by Irma and Harvey hurricanes. We have those families in our thoughts and prayers.

Winter thoughts
We are coming into winter driving time, so as a reminder: The most important: slow down. Jake brakes are not to be engaged on icy roads, we ask to use the braking system on the truck and trailer.

Wipers heaters defrosters, all working. The APU is a great back up for charging batteries please make sure it is working and running not only as a backup for weather but to avoid idling the truck We will be providing fuel additive at the shops and your card in October will be turned on to purchase over the road. A reminder when you are unsure if the fuel will gel, please put additive in the tank, it is better to add it then be frozen up with a fuel issue. If the truck will not run the APU will not run.

I have been asked a lot lately about new trucks, so let me get you up to speed. We have 15 Kenworth sleepers on order for Oct build so they will be in the fleet by Nov 1 let’s say. I will be going off seniority, so excluding the senior drivers in current 2017 year model trucks if you are looking for one, leave me a message close to November and I will let you know where you stand. We will begin bringing in a large group of trucks in March of 2018 but I am not certain at this point the make or the model, once we are sure I will let you know. We are almost out of the 2008 Vanguards, I apologize for the issues with the sliders, and the suspension; we will be glad they are gone. I also wanted you to know that at this point the only new trailers we bring in the fleet will be for specific accounts. We really freshened up the fleet last year so we are sitting pretty good in terms of trailers and their age.

Elite Pass
We are still in process of changing the fleet to the Elite pass from the PrePass. The purpose of this of this is does Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, Kansas and California. We need to the pass to be installed above the windshield wiper, and though we see them moved all of the time we need them left of center above the left windshield wiper, the reason is simple, if it is high in the glass it can be read by the machine, keeping it low means we can pick up the pass and allow you to move on trouble free. Please do not move it from the proper location. Any questions can be directed to Todd.